The Molecular Method for discovering APIs for specific medical indications

Episode Summary

In this episode, we host Prof. Hinanit Koltai of Israel’s Volcan Research Institute to discuss innovation in molecular plant science. Prof. Koltai walks us through the Volcan Institute’s molecular method for discovering the specific combinations of cannabis compounds beneficial in the treatment of medical indications such as inflammatory bowel disease, skin cancer, and colon cancer. Results of the research on skin cancer were recently published in Oncotarget Prof. Koltai’s research team begins with the Volcan Institute's extensive gene bank of cannabis strains from around the world and culminates in clinical trials performed in collaboration with Israel’s physicians and hospitals to validate APIs for each specific medical indication. To collaborate with Prof. Koltai’s research team – contact Hinanit at

Episode Notes

Special thanks to Maor Asher, our sound editor.